How One Spilled Drink Can Become An Expensive Mold Problem In San Diego

How One Spilled Drink Can Become An Expensive Mold Problem In San Diego

Mold is rarely thought of as a concern in our cars until we see it or smell it. Most people wouldn’t even consider it one of the top 10 automotive problems to be concerned about.

Mold, on the other hand, is a cunning foe. Molds are like spies operating in the open. They’re not a threat until they’re turned on. And flipping their switch isn’t difficult. Under the appropriate circumstances, they can potentially spread like wildfire.

Mold on car seats or rugs isn’t just unattractive; it may be a real eyesore if you have allergies. It can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and skin, as well as other health issues.

To deal with it, we must first understand who our adversary is. Let’s look at how mold can grow in your car’s interior and how to prevent it.

Understanding Mold

Mold is a form of fungi, precisely a type of decomposer. Fungi are simple organisms that rely on atmospheric nutrients to survive. Because of this, they’re often found in moist or damp environments such as along the ground where dew settles or on clumps of organic matter like fallen leaves (often leading to moldy rugs). There are five different types of molds: mold, mildew, mushrooms, yeasts, and smuts.

These fungi grow from spores/seeds like plants. When discovered in our cars’ interiors, it’s likely an opportunistic species growing on spilled food or liquid residue such as spilled drinks and condensation inside our vehicles. Its spores can develop in a variety of conditions, but it thrives only under specific circumstances.

Mold spores generally don’t enter our cars on their own because there’s such a limited supply of moisture and nutrients inside for them to grow. However, simply opening our car doors when exiting or entering the car allows outside air containing mold spores to come right into our cars and settle onto surfaces with a spilled liquid residue like spilled drinks.

Mold: A Second Skin?

Once spilled beverages dry, they leave behind an invisible residue. This dried liquid becomes difficult to perceive with our senses and may appear to be gone entirely. However, it remains available to mold spores; in fact, it makes an inviting place for them to grow once the right conditions present themselves. Once developed into full-fledged mold colonies, these colonies will spread quickly if few obstacles are hindering their growth, as well as plenty of ambient moisture and nutrients. Some molds are so good at this that if the spilled liquid is not cleaned up and the mold is left to grow, it might spread beyond its original location. Mold can even grow inside car seats where the spilled liquid isn’t noticeable.

Mold, on the other hand, isn’t an unbeatable foe. Mold can be removed with just a thorough cleaning. You should know “who you are going to call” if you have a mold problem. Dr. Detail in San Diego can demolish those molds in no time! You can call now at (619) 888 8407.


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