▷The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing San Diego

The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing San Diego

The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing San Diego

This Basic Guide To Machine Polishing will go over everything you need to know about machine polishing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we have something for everyone!

First, What Is Polishing?

You could say there are a few different forms of what may be referred to as “polishing’. There is manual polishing, which we will not be discussing in this Basic Guide To Machine Polishing. There are various types of machine polish (i.e., buffing) that can help you achieve a shiny finish or remove scratches and imperfections from the surface of your car’s paint job.

Machine polishes come with many benefits for both cars and boats. Machine polishes will often require less elbow grease than manual polish, making them a more time-efficient way to keep your car looking shiny or bring back the shine on an older boat hull that is starting to dull.

Paint Types

Over the years, the type of paint applied to cars has varied significantly, from regular oil-based paint to modern acrylics. Machine polishing can be used for both types of paints, with some machines being more effective than others on a specific type of paint.

Common Defects

Effective machine polishing can remove numerous paint defects, from minor scratches and swirls to major defects such as panels of paint that have been peeled away. Machine polishing can also remove rust spots and even restore faded paint. Check our auto detailing services.

Machine Polish Types

There are a variety of Polish machine types, each with its own benefits or drawbacks in certain situations. We will go over the most common ones below:

Waxing Machine Polish - These tend to be designed for more frequent use as they provide a more consistent shine.

Machine Polish For Imperfections - These can be used to remove scratches, swirls, and other paint imperfections while also providing additional protection. They are generally best for objects that do not see much use, such as an older boat hull or car hood.

Machine Polishing Compound Types - There are a variety of compounds that can be used to achieve different levels of shine and protection. The type you will likely use most often is the one designed for light swirls or minor scratches as it provides both an easily applied, quick finish with plenty of shine potential.


At Dr. Detail, our specialist Machine Polishing Course takes you through the whole process, from start to finish. No matter your experience, Machine Polishing can be a great way to make the exterior of your car sparkle! Give us a call today at (619)-888-8407

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