▷Car Care Accessory Must-Haves & Detailer Top Tips In San Diego

Car Care Accessory Must-Haves & Detailer Top Tips In San Diego

Car Care Accessory Must-Haves & Detailer Top Tips In San Diego

Buy A Large, Strong Magnetic Tray

This will help keep all your sponges in one place and easy to access. Wash your mitts often at the same time so that they can dry out before the next wash session. You don’t want to be fighting with wet mitts or you’ll end up making a mess of your fresh paintwork!

Protect Your Expensive Paintwork From The Chamois Leather Burn Mark

You can use an old towel but just make sure it’s clean. This is especially important when drying cars such as white or silver because the coloring in these types of paint tends to absorb more light than darker colors; meaning, they are less reflective. Plus, those pesky swirls tend to show up a lot easier with lighter colors too!

The use of an old towel also helps prevent small particles such as dirt, dust, or bugs from being spread across your car and scratching your paintwork. This is especially important when buffing off the polish. If you can avoid rubbing directly onto the paint then do so, as it’s easy to get carried away and start drying spots on other panels.

Best Way To Dry A Car? Dry It Inside Out First

Water that has been left for long periods of time tends to sit on top of the paintwork and just sit there. Leaving watermarks on the outside is a little easier to remove than those left on the inside, especially if you are wanting to buff out your car yourself.

Stand-alone “horsehair” wash brushes are fantastic for cleaning wheels and removing brake dust from tires

Another thing that I have noticed with some detailers in the past is that they leave wheel wells and tires until last when it comes to detailing. This isn’t ideal because these areas can gather some nasty build up over time so try cleaning them as soon as possible with a horse hairbrush.

The horsehair is great for getting into those hard-to-reach areas without the risk of scratching your expensive alloy wheels.

We tend to forget that tires are just as susceptible to, if not more so than the paintwork when it comes to contamination and impurities building upon them. Using a wheel-brush can also help with this by removing built-up brake dust from between the spokes of your wheels restoring their grandeur!


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