▷Antique & Classic Car Detailing Services In San Diego

Antique & Classic Car Detailing Services In San Diego

Antique & Classic Car Detailing Services In San Diego

Whether you simply drive or collect antique or classic cars, you will almost certainly require detailing services at some point. Fortunately, our Connecticut-based Dr. Detail San Diego offers various detailing services for antique and vintage car owners. Read on to learn more about the detailing services we offer here at Dr. Detail San Diego.


You should have a comprehensive detailing performed on your antique or vintage car here at Dr. Detail San Diego if you want to restore it to showroom condition. Our comprehensive detailing service combines our interior and exterior detailing services. As a result, thorough detailing provides the best protection and restoration for clients’ vehicles. Our full detailing service is the most cost-effective and convenient option to restore your car to factory specifications. We thoroughly detail your antique or classic car, but we’re delicate, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Detailing The Exterior

Most owners of antique or vintage cars would agree that maintaining the car’s exterior paint is an important part of car maintenance. As you may know from personal experience, Connecticut weather can be quite detrimental to an antique or vintage car’s outside surface. Snow, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and UV rays may all wreak havoc on the external finish. Fortunately, you can have your vehicle’s exterior detailing done right here at Dr. Detail San Diego. Our 7-step exterior detailing technique will not only maintain the finish but will also increase resale value and keep the automobile looking new.

Detailing The Inside

The interior condition of an antique or vintage car is, of course, just as essential as the external condition. This is especially true when many individuals live in their cars. Unfortunately, a vehicle’s interior can soon become disorganized. Interior details, however, can nearly always remedy almost everything.

During the interior detailing procedure, you can rely on our experts to restore your vehicle’s interior to near-perfect condition. All upholstery, interior panels, and door jams will be cleaned and in condition. You won’t be embarrassed to pick up buddies once we’re done.

Customers who seek a quick but complete detailing job can take advantage of our express detailing packages. We have three different express detailing packages to choose from. Platinum, silver, and bronze packages are available, with prices ranging from $50 to $20. Please keep in mind that all of our express packages require an appointment.

Please call Dr. Detail San Diego at (619) 888-8407 for more information about the detailing services we provide for antique and classic autos.


We hope these pointers will assist you in keeping your car clean, especially if you have dirty kids inside! Contact Dr. Detail for any more help!

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